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Pat's not so famous top 10 list from the Fall Jamboree this past weekend

1. I cant remember a year that wasnt wet on Thursday, this year was so nice! A little warm but can live with that!

2. Great to see large crowds, and bigger car counts than last year.

3. Not the results I would have liked, had a good car, but either couldnt get a break or others decided to not play nice at times.

4. After having a rough night on the track, it was good therapy to run into Pat Fagen, Steve Wetzstein, and Mr. Outpace Rueben Meyer at Breakfast in Spring Valley. If they cant make you laugh, nothing will :)

5. I remember starting 8th in a B-feature, getting up to 6th and working on Terry Phillips for 5th and thinking I still need 2 more spots to make the transfer, to say it was a tough and stacked field of cars would be an understatement.

6. A huge thanks to my Parents, Jenn Graham, and Chuck Krein and Micheal Bryant for helping in the pits. No way I could have even made a couple races without them helping with stuff! Also great to have a vendor row and CPD shocks nearby to help with changes and ideas.

7. A big thanks to USMTS, Deer Creek Speedway, Racindirt, for helping put on this event. It is very organized and should be on every racers bucket list to attend!

8. Joe Duvall pulling up on his four wheeler to wish me luck in a b-feature was pretty cool! How can that guy not make you wanna race, just watch his post race interviews!

9. The Dweebs put on a great show every year!

10. I wish I could list and or remember all the racers and fans I talked to over the weekend. It truly is one big family! Til the next time.

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